Hello and Welcome to Alicia Davey Events!

Alicia Davey Events is a boutique event planning, coordinating and design company.

We specialize in wedding celebrations, social and special events and corporate functions.

It is our goal to provide you with original, fun, and memorable events that will be talked about for years to come! We partner with you and help with some, if not all, aspects of the planning process.

  • We offer you advice.

  • We keep you posted on the latest trends in design, food, beverage, decor and style.

  • We get excited about new traditions and honor the old.

Our customer service is top-notch! From the first point of contact and throughout the entire planning process our unlimited resources, experience and creative ideas are paired with your unique personality, style and vision to ultimately produce a seamless and unforgettable event! 

Let’s connect today. Give us a ring or send an e-mail!

Why Alicia Davey Events?

Hire us and receive many benefits! As seasoned planners, coordinators and designers, we offer years of experience to provide you many benefits that save time and money! Let us reduce any worry or stress and set your mind at ease.  

  • Alicia Davey Events will correspond and manage contracts, invoices, estimates, and proposals to make sure all are signed off and that everything is delivered to the right location(s) and at the right time.

  • We provide expert advice on etiquette and help make quick decisions to keep the planning process moving along.

  • We run defense on potential conflicts and have backup plans in place, just in case.

  • You don’t need to have a large budget to hire a planner.  In fact, investing in a planner will save you money! As industry insiders we have access to where the deals are.

  • Alicia Davey Events will keep you sane and stress free!

We’ve got the knowledge and have solutions: Alicia Davey Events researches everything! We do the nitty gritty work. We know our venues and vendors inside and out, and if your venue or vendor is new to us we will become experts overnight! It is important to us that we have full exposure to your venue and vendor requirements, rules and regulations. If you don't have a venue or vendors selected, no problem! We can provide recommendations that meet your needs and vision.

We are SO organized: Our invaluable tools keep you informed and keep us on task! We track and create your budget, schedules, timelines, diagrams, layouts, seating charts, design vision boards and so much more!  Alicia Davey Events uses professional project management software to execute top-to-bottom organized events.

Check out our services to choose which package is right for you!